Conducted and OTA Wi-Fi testing in isolated RF Chambers

      • Device performance is validated and compared using one of the many available test cases: RVR, Max STA Connections, Max Throughput, Stability, Airtime Fairness, etc..
      • The octoBox Stack-MESH provides a stackable semi-anechoic test solution that yields isolated (>80dB up to 6GHz) and repeatable test results. Each enclosure has a fan for ventilation.

Wi-Fi In-Premises Performance Testing

SmallNetBuilder Pre-Testing

Open-Air Wi-Fi Testing

      • Large dedicated 4,600 sqft. single family test house
      • Automation supporting up to 8 concurrent turntables and devices under test
      • IxChariot and iPerf throughput measurements
      • Query & graph radio parameters for each device under test
      • WiSpy Spectrum Analyzers run during testing to document clean RF environment
      • Sample test plan and report